What Is The Internet?

What is the internet? || Who created the internet? || Where was the internet created? || Why was the internet created? || When was the internet created?


     Most of the time when we think about the internet we think about things like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and some other stuff we use on our phones.  Oh, wait we never have to think about that. When was the last time you thought about the internet?

What Is The Internet?

So what is the internet? The internet is a network of networks that consists of billions of individual computers. The internet connects all these computers to one another and allows them to communicate with one another. 

    With the internet, we are able to communicate with our family members who are thousands of kilometers away from us, also, we are able to get any information we need through the internet, information like "What is the internet". We can do all of this communication and research by connecting our devices to the internet (by going online). 

Who owns the internet?

Nobody! Nobody owns the internet. if nobody owns the internet why do we pay to access the internet? We have to understand that our computers are connected to each other through cables that go through water and land all over the world to connect us to the server which stores the page that we want to view. all these cables are maintained by your internet providers so that is why we pay to access the internet.

How does the internet work?

To access the internet, first, you have to connect your device to your internet service provider network. when you search for a website, ex: isruan.com, your request is sent through fibreoptic cables to the server hosting the website you are requesting for, when your request is received by the server, the server sends you the website broken down into smaller pieces called packages which your device put back together.

So this is the internet!

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